Company Information

Swire Coca-Cola HK Limited

Swire Coca-Cola Limited is the leading soft drink manufacturer in Hong Kong. It employs nearly 1,300 staff, operates 16 production lines, and produces 64 million unit cases annually.



Swire Coca-Cola HK Limited.



December 21, 2019


Our Role

Art Direction




Scope Of Work

To modify the existing empty can conveyor,  to run both the 330 ml standard cans and the new range of sleek cans.

New Cans

250ml Sleek Can 115.0 mm High x 57.4 mm Diameter X 52.35 mm Flange Diameter
310ml Sleek Can 138.5 mm High x 57.4 mm Diameter X 52.35 mm Flange Diameter
330ml Sleek Can 146.0 mm High x 57.4 mm Diameter X 52.35 mm Flange Diameter
355ml Sleek Can 155.5 mm High x 57.4 mm Diameter X 52.35 mm Flange Diameter

Software Modifications

A new electrical control panel replaced the existing outdated control system and two new HMI units were supplied to control the monitoring of setting up line. The HMI control panels to be
sighted on floors 7 and 10.

The 11KW Vacuum fan motors were replaced with 15KW motors to give extra power and allow the fans speeds to be increased for more vacuum.

Selection for the different can sizes added on the HMI panel.

New sensors provided for the vacuum lowerator to check for can flow in the event
of any can jamming can be pinpointed and indicated on the HMI screen.

Mechanic & Electrical installation.

Compere Ling provided two engineers for the supervision of the mechanical and electrical modifications to conveyors and set up system, with local labour supplied by
Swire Coca Cola.

We supplied parts to convert the top covers for the vacuum lowerator and the air conveyor to an automatic pneumatically operated for four position height adjustment.

The can size selection for both the VTU’s are manual via the hand wheel. New support brackets were added to the covers on the vacuum lowerator to allow for pneumatic cylinders to be fitted for automated height adjustment.

The automatic systems supplied with pneumatic control valves and pneumatic tubing for the distribution of air to the cylinders on the line. The existing side guide rails were reused and adjusted for the new can heights.


Following the Installation work, the commissioning of the line was carried out over a 3 week process by 1 software engineer and 1 mechanical engineer.