Control & Electrical Design

Electrical control panel design engineers:

With electrical design, compliance and safety are paramount, not just the operational functionality and performance of your equipment.

Our electrical design team can develop new designs or refurbishments and enhancement to existing systems.

Our designs strictly adhere to IEE, European Low Voltage, ATEX specifications and more. Being constantly abreast of changes in these regulations, our designs and advice bring these changes to you.


Why Choose Our Service

Good design lies at the heart of successful systems integration. With an ‘outline solution’ first established between customer and project engineer, Compere Systems design engineering then apply the professional skills that differentiate between arriving at ‘a workable result’ and delivering a highly effective, value-for-money, automated control system.

  • Ensuring accuracy.
  • Tailoring control to individual projects.
Electrical design projects using Eplan

Engage us as your control panel design engineers using Eplan Electric P8 and Eplan Pro Panel, for the most professionally designed and documented electrical control panel project.

Control Design

For many years Compere Systems have been integrating control systems for a diverse range of industry sectors, working in partnership with the industry’s leading equipment manufacturers. Our varied scope of services ranges from the provision of comprehensive turnkey packages down to straightforward build-to-design manufacturing.

Various System Designs.

  • Ethernet Network Design
  • Atex System Design
  • PLC System Design
  • Pneumatic System Design
  • Servo Control
  • Fieldbus Networks
  • Motor Control
  • Functional Safety Design
  • Safety Systems
  • Instrumentation

“Strive For Perfection In Everything You Do. Take The Best That Exists & Make It Better When It Doesn’t Exist, Design It.”

– Sir Henry Royce