System Commissioning

Commissioning Hardware and Software is a critical function of any project, almost inevitably done under pressure, as the last activity before handover, commissioning can make or break the critical first impressions of a new machine.

Compere Systems commissioning Engineers have a methodical step by step approach, along with a good understanding of the process and all aspects of mechanical, electrical and software issues are the key to efficient, successful commissioning.

Our team of expertly trained engineers have a wealth of experience commissioning a variety of different control systems on many sites all over the world. 


Why Choose Our Service

Our commissioning engineers have a good understanding of the process and all attributes aspects which are key to efficient, successful commissioning.

  • Test once, twice but three times
  • Documentation is key
  • Relevant safety checks

The projects undertaken by Compere Systems cover a wide scope of supply from purely supplying design elements (hardware or software) to the complete turnkey solutions. Where turnkey projects are undertaken the commissioning element forms a vital part of the project to ensure that the system fully functions as desgined.

Easy Installation

Rather than having dedicated Commissioning engineers coming in with lack of knowledge to a project, the Compere Systems Automation's Engineers carrying out the commissioning activities will be those which have been involved in the design and development of the project to provide continuity to the client. Where required and specified, remote dial in assistance via modem or web enabled links from our main office can be provided to support the commissioning activities.

Testing and Design

Compere Systems Automation's Engineers will carry out full system commissioning works and customer trails to agreed Commissioning procedures and tests which will have been produced and agreed with the client as part of the upfront design works.

Commissioning is a team effort to document the continuity of a project as it moves from one project phase to the next. To achieve commissioning excellence requires that the testing documents be accurate and written in an orderly fashion. The commission lead, who serves as a gatekeeper, is responsible to develop, teach, implement, and guard the integrity of the process to produce accurate testing documents.

If a device to be tested gets checked incorrectly or missed altogether, the likely cause is a mistake on the testing document. The cliché “We are ALL human” is apt. If we were more than human, there would be no need for testing. The ideal goal through all commissioning phases is to minimize the “human-ness” in document management.

“Design Is Not Just What It Looks Like And Feels Like. Design Is How It Works”

– Steve Jobs