Project Information

The Filter Press is designed for fully automatic and unattended operation to minimize the manpower requirements. On completion of the filtration cycle, the filter press automatically opens all of the filter chambers and mechanically discharges the filter cakes. The Filter Press is outfitted with a safety guard system.



JLJ Group ltd.



November 11, 2019


Our Role

Design & Build.



Waste water & Treatment

Scoope Of Work

JLJ Saudi Arabia Combined Treatment Plant & Automatic Filter Press Control System.

This particular Filterpress was made for JLJ Group’s client in Saudi Arabia.  It has Mechanized plate movement, with Closed Filtrate. The model supplied has an electro/hydraulic plate closing system, a hydraulic plate shifter,

Automated feed and filtrate valves was incorporated.

Software and Panel Design.

PLC & HMI programming to merge the free issue Micronics press software with the chemical treatment software, IO count equates to 41 digital inputs, 40 digital outputs and 2 analogue inputs.

Electrical Install.

Prewiring of completed panel with field cabling to connect to the skid mounted equipment at Golborne, 20 cables are required in total, this includes 3 off 12 core multicore cables to the press junction box.


The commissioning lasted four days where it was fully tested at the JLJ facility before it was shipped out to their client in Saudi Arabi.
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