Services We Provide

Our team of software engineers has extensive experience in creating advanced supervisory systems. We offer both a user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) for easy interaction, as well as a comprehensive range of crucial features such as data storage, trending analysis, reporting capabilities, and alarm management.

Our portfolio includes projects from small standalone Human Machine Interface (HMI) applications to large-scale distributed systems across multiple locations.


Why Choose Our Service

  • Liaise with the customers IT department to provide the most reliable & secure connection for exchanging data.
  • A vast experience of multiple automated data capture methods to suit the customers needs.
  • A broad knowledge of real time data capture and management.
  • A proven method that simplifies data capture management.

As a team we have over 30 years of experience in data collection design, implementing and delivering systems to improve the productivity, budgeting, visibility and analysis processes for our clients.

What Is Data Collection?

Automated data collection is the automatic data capture of paper documents, turning them into digital files using special tools and software.

A combination of AI programming and machine learning allows software to quickly read and translate paper files and images and turn them into easily accessible e-files.

Automated Data Collection Benefits

It is widely known that Automated Data Collection has greater accuracy. This is due to reducing human errors. Manual data capture processes, such as entering data into a spreadsheet, have a probable error rate of up to 40%.

Automated Data Collection ultimately has an Increased efficiency, Lowered costs and Accelerated processes.

“You can have data without information,
but you cannot have information without data.”

– Daniel Keys Moran