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Functional design specification

A functional design specification defines the overall design and functions that the system needs in order to perform the operations required to execute a successful project. It is typically used to help develop a budget plan for the project or plant. It describes how the plant or unit will operate and allows the user to obtain budgetary bids based on a more detailed set of criteria than just basing the bids purely on a list of inputs and outputs.

With a quote based simply on an approximate IO list and the number of operator stations required,  this can result in a reasonable“ball park” first pass estimate. The accuracy of that first pass will depend on how close the initial IO count was to the actual IO required to complete the system.

A Functional Design Specification is something that tells the client what they should need to produce a functional system. Without a specification can lead to miscommunication and not achieving the clients expectations. A successful design specification will be thoroughly reviewed, analysed and discussed before finalising, by doing this will prevent multiple changes.


Why Get A Functional Design Specification.

If you don't know what you require speak to one of our engineers and together we can find the perfect solution to meet your businesses needs. Process engineers sometimes mistakenly believe control engineers should be able to develop automation/control logic based on the content of piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs).
  • Make defining and quoting easier.
  • Help establish automation objectives.
  • Experienced Project Engineers.

At Compere Systems our functional design specification helps by providing you a written document  to identify, the product the business is making, the functionality of how the product is made, the plant areas and units, and if you will have remote viewing capabilities, among personalised requests.

“Electrical Engineers Do It With More Frequency And Less Resistance.”

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