Scada & HMI Software Design.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems form a key element of a large proportion of Instrumentation Control and Automation systems.

As well as providing a Graphical User Interface (GUI) such that the user can interact with the system, they also provide a host of other important features such as data storage, trending, reporting and alarm management. Our software engineers have developed many supervisory systems ranging from small dedicated Human Machine Interface (HMI) applications for dedicated machines to large distributed systems spanning multiple sites.


Why Choose Our Service

An HMI Design requires the engineer to consider many aspects of hardware and software.

The goal is to deliver an experience that is intuitive, efficient and system specific.

  • Operator user friendly designs.
  • A Company standard.
  • Provide adequate control / view of the process.

Easy Operator Navigation

To provide good visualisation of the operating conditions of the control system is key to a successful implementation of any project. We make it a priority to work closely with all our customers to provide an efficient and clear ‘front end’ to their control systems, utilising both their site requirements and our experience.

“Good Software, Like Wine, Takes Time.”

– Joel Spolsky