Company Information

South Korean Multinational drink, brewing and distiller company HiteJinro Co.Ltd. founded in 1924. Is the worlds leading producer of Soju, accounting for more than half of the beverages domestic sales.

Compere Systems commissioned the Jeonju Brewery which is Located in a clean, natural environment to maintain the quality of their beer, Jeonju Brewery covers 304,000m2. The entire production process is fully automated to keep their production quality at the highest level.



Hite Jinro.



October 20th - 4th November, 2018


Our Role

Mechanical & Electrical Commissioning, Software Design.




Scope Of Work

Compere offers a range of can and air conveyor systems. This particular air conveyor had been moved to a different location in the plant and was in need of re-calibrating.

Mechanical Design and modifications

Due to the air conveyor being moved to a different location in the factory. It required a new 90 degree air conveyor bend as the new route was slightly different to the original. The air conveyors height were calibrated using a can sizing tool.

Electrical Design & Modifications

The electrical modification design was made prior to site visit. Adjustment modifications were made to the system onsite.

Software Design, VSD Configuration & Commissioning

The software used on this particular modal was an S7-300 PLC & Danfoss inverters. There was no HMI screen on this system so to make things easier to commission, a temporary Intouch screen was engineered to give a clearer view of the systems control.