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The growth of Compere Systems now extends to the supply of integrated sets of leading-edge technologies in conveyor systems, robotic and conventional palletising, and total material handling automation.


Typical Installation

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  Compere Systems provides complete “end of line” Packaging solutions.
Robot or Layer Palletising solutions depending on application
In-House software programming
In-House system design



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  Compere provides Robotic solutions for Packing and Palletising systems.
Best of class equipment
Fully integrated wide range of end of arm tooling
In-house programming



  Layer Palletisers

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Low level, High level machines, automatic Slip sheet and layer sheet applicators.
Single or multi Pallet applications
Speeds up to 200 cases per minute


Case Conveyors

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  Full range of conveyors, including, Zero Pressure Accumulation conveyors, Transportation conveyors, Inclined elevators, Stop/spacer belts, Matt top conveyors.



Pallet Conveyors

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  Full range of conveyors, including Chain driven live roller conveyors, Chain conveyors, Turntables, Rise and Fall transfer units, Accumulation conveyors and Slat conveyors


  Ancillary Equipment

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Pallet stackers, Pallet dispensers, Pallet Inspection systems, Pallet Elevators, Stretch Wrappers, Pallet Labellers, Safety Fencing systems, Case Vertical Elevators






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