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Simplicity of design and absence of moving parts provide PET air conveyors with greater flexibility in system layout design. With inclines at varying degrees and equivalent declines, Ling air conveyors can be used to lift production off the floor, providing better access and more production space. In more compact layouts, vertical elevation and loweration is possible using the latest vertical elevators and vertical decline units designed by Ling Systems. A complete range of optional equipment is also available to make the whole system more user friendly in the production environment. Automatic abort gates and refeed points allow samples to be taken off the line and then returned after inspection. Ling Systems parallel motion hinged infeed and outfeed units allow different bottle heights to be run without the need for adjusting the whole system, allowing smooth transfer of bottles from neck to base conveying. The shuttle gate, a Ling innovation, is now the accepted standard for combining and splitting lines - from one to two, two to one, one to three or three to one - and for changing routes via a two to two gate. The plastic neck ring support guides can be manually or automatically adjusted to suit a variety of bottle neck diameters. Similarly the bottle body guide rails can be either manually or automatically adjusted to suit different diameters and shapes. In practice, bottle body guides are more frequently altered, as bottle necks are usually more uniform, with the same neck ring diameter used for many types, shapes and sizes of bottle.


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