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Line Pressure



As one-way bottle weights fall and line speeds increase, Ling Systems have developed a unique control system using specially developed line sensors and PLC programs together with motor frequency inverters. This allows us to offer a fully flexible, controlled system. The method of controlling the speed and flow of the bottles is by bottle sensors, which monitor the line conditions and adjust the fan motor accordingly via PLC and inverter control. This means different conveying characteristics can be achieved to accommodate, for instance, single or mass bottle handling and different bottle types, sizes and weights. These same control improvements are also incorporated into air conveying systems designed for heavy-weight returnable PET bottles. An additional method of control is the power-saving feature which gives the customer lower running costs and a faster payback on the capital outlay. It is this continuing development in response to the ever-changing demands from the PET market that puts Ling Systems PET air conveyors at the forefront of technology.


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