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Our electrical engineers have experience of the most modern commercially available electrical and electronic components including PLCs, inverters and digital bus systems. Ling Systems Conveyors Ltd can meet the most exacting customer specifications required for modern high speed bottling plants.


Ling Systems have developed, together with leading pneumatic suppliers, a range of short stroke multiposition cylinders for their unique automatic body guide adjustment. This gives Ling air conveyors the advantage of being able to convey many sizes and shapes of bottles with automatic adjustment, along with clean lines to the conveyor. Ling also provides a full range of pneumatic equipment for the control of the bottle guides, neck guides and bottle gating systems.


The use of low friction guide rails and the absence of moving parts on air conveyors allow the bottles to reach the discharge end of the system at speeds unobtainable on conventional mechanical conveyors. The fast catch-up feature means that less line stoppages occur on air conveyors, as gaps in the bottle supply are closed up before stoppages are caused for the downstream equipment.


With very low propulsion forces required to transport bottles on air conveyors, line pressures, in the event of a production line stop, are very low when the bottles are in accumulation. Queuing pressures are so low that the whole system can be filled with bottles and held in accumulation without bottle damage. This means that the whole air conveyor route can be used as a buffer store to absorb and smooth out line stoppages, giving high overall line efficiencies.


Petaloid bottles are notoriously unstable when conveyed on conventional tabletop systems. However, this is not a problem for Ling Systems PET air conveyors because the bottle is suspended by its neck ring, providing safe, fast, gentle and reliable conveying of PET bottles. In practice over the years, air conveying has proved to be the best and most consistent handling system for PET bottles.


In some situations where non-carbonated products are produced and cleanliness and asepsis are prime considerations, Ling Systems can offer a full aseptic air conveyor, totally enclosed, including fan filtration down to 0.3 at an efficiency of 99.995%. Additionally, we offer a CIP system for applications requiring quick product change and fast cleaning times.


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