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Single Filer


  The Air Single Filer

The air single filer section is installed at the end of the mass air conveyor. This section takes cans from mass flow and converts them into multiples of single lanes depending upon filling speed. Single lane feed is usually used for speeds of up to 1500 cans per minute with two lanes being used above 1500 cans per minute. The single filer is a section of air conveyor with tapering guide rails taking the cans from several cans wide to a single can width. The angle of taper and design of the deck plates and top covers are made for smooth running and high efficiency of the unit.

The Wet Single Filer

At very high filling speeds well in excess of 1500 cans per minute, it is not practical to rinse and drain cans effectively so two rinsers have to be used. This involves splitting the can supply into two lanes, thus halving the transport speed in order to increase the rinse time to the desired duration. This operation is carried out by a dual lane air single filer, which splits the mass flow into two lanes prior to the rinser. After the twin lane rinser an air conveyor then combines the two lanes back into a single lane of cans for transportation into the filler. The air conveyor after the rinser therefore handles wet cans. The conveyor air chamber and fan housing is specially designed to allow water to be drained off. The single filing section is also designed to reduce the risk of a two can jam by the use of a special tapering section and vibrator.


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