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  Modular plastic link conveyors (mat-Top) can be used to transport, and accumulate the cans throughout the system. The conveyor width is designed around the variables of filling speed and can size bearing in mind the distance and required accumulation quantity between depalletiser and filler. Individual conveyor lengths and drive motor positions are designed in conjunction with the control system so as to optimise the system efficiency, and prevent excessive back-pressure - the primary cause of fallen and damaged cans. The conveyor belt is made of low friction, high strength plastic. Before the vacuum transfer unit two drives are positioned; the first to brake the cans in accumulation and the second to space the cans out on the conveyor. This spacing of the cans eliminates cans bunching up during vacuum transfer, thus reducing the possibility of fallen cans being carried across the transfer unit. Transfer between individual conveyor belts is made using plates over which the cans slide. If required the system can be designed so that no cans remain on these plates at the end of a product or label run. In this instance there would be no requirement for operators to manually clear the system of cans before the next product or label is run, and the risk of mixing labels is eliminated.      




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