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Mass Air Deck Conveyor


  Air conveying systems for empty cans provide the ideal solution for conveying and single filing cans on modern high speed canning lines. Low-pressure air is produced by a centrifugal fan which fills the conveyor chamber. It is then directed through holes in the wall of the chamber to form air jets, which provide both lift and propulsion for the cans. This gives mass deck air conveyors the advantage of being able to accumulate at very low line pressures. With the can base riding on the air jets, top covers over the open end of the can provide captive support and prevent the cans falling over. High density, low friction plastic covered rails are mounted on the sides of the conveyor, and are designed to provide guidance without causing damage to the can.

Under these conditions empty cans are able to be transported, accumulated, and single filed from mass, without cans jamming, falling or being damaged. In addition the high speed operation of the air conveyor provides fast catch times in the event of down-line stoppages, thus ensuring high line efficiencies are achieved.

Air conveyors are therefore the natural choice for transporting, accumulating and single filing cans on modern high speed filling lines where damage, loss of traction and fallen cans have been significant factors on more basic mechanical belt conveying systems.

There are several areas where air conveyors fulfils an important role in a can filling line; as a dry side buffer conveyor; to single file mass flow into single stream before the can inspector or rinser; and to combine cans into a single row after twin lane rinsers. In many installations these functions are often joined together in one single piece of equipment.



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