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  The Empty Can Rinser

The Compere Ling empty can rinser is designed to rinse cans from 15cl to 575cl in single lane at speeds up to 1500 cans per minute, or in twin lanes at speeds in excess of 2000 cans per minute. The angle of the rinser is normally set at 30 degrees to give best rinse and drain efficiency and to ensure that cans run smoothly through the unit. The rinser is of stainless steel construction with the drain section normally 30% longer than the rinse section to minimise water retention in the cans. Where a variety of can sizes are required to be conveyed on the same line, it is an advantage to route each specific can size down a different lane of the rinser. This is achieved by fitting a pneumatically operated gate, which diverts the cans down the respective rinser lane for the size of can. The gate is selected remotely through the can size selection on the control panel and so change parts and manual set-ups are not required.

Ionised Air Rinser

Compere Ling can offer an alternative to the conventional rinser in the form of ionised air rinser which provides a totally waterless cleaning system for the cans. The cans are cleaned while passing through the ionising and vacuum chamber. Here ionised low-pressure air is blown into the can to dislodge any particles trapped on the sides of the can due to static electricity. Speeds in excess of 1800 cans per minute can be achieved on a single lane rinser. The unit also has the added benefits of not requiring water feed, which may reduce the build up of scale in hard water areas. As the system is dry running, it is also easily cleaned and maintained.


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