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Capping Lines


  In the case of metallic snap-on lids and screw-on caps for jars, the lids are often supplied from a bowl orienter to the capping machine and it is often an advantage to take the noisy bowl orienters out of the 'clean' area of the capping machine and put them in a remote but more convenient location. The Ling Air System allows the user to vertically convey caps directly from the orienter discharge, and to convey them overhead, out of the way to the capping machine. Combiner and diverter gates are also available, which allow a source of caps to be distributed to any number of location as well as combining a number of sources together.



In the case of injection-moulded caps, the Ling Air System can be located immediately below the injection moulders to receive the caps as they are ejected. The unique Ling Air non-rotating turntable propels the random caps into a single file, then conveys them vertically, where they can be sent to subsequent processes or can be held for specific time periods in the cooling air of the conveyor. Due to the cap geometry, very large cooling circuits can be built in a very limited space by spiralling the tracks. Not only can the Ling Air system collect the caps from a difficult position inside the injection moulder, but it can also cool the caps without deformation.




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